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Hybrid Comic Mailers

$69.95 $94.95

The next wave of our inevitable takeover is on the back of this mechanized, industrial powerhouse. This container is the next evolution of shipping comic books. Designed to accommodate a wide range of “lot” type shipments. We designed this one with the intention of fitting a bulk package of 2 toploaded comics and anywhere from 1 to 15 bagged and boarded comics all in the same container. There are tons of options with this one, and we’re excited to hear about yours. If you ship bigger quantities than the average human, this is the comic shipper for you.
  • A single Hybrid comic mailer fits up to approximately 15 bagged & boarded comics. But will easily accommodate just 1 book just as well.
  • All our comic mailers are made using 200# stronger corrugate, meaning they are better equipped to handle the roughest shipping & handling.
  • Our custom “Scutes”, “Plate Armor Tabs”, and “Shell Flaps” integrate seamlessly with your shipment to provide stability, extra protection, and exact fit specifications that offer high-quality assurance your comics will arrive safely and intact at their destination.
  • Designed to fit inside legal flat-rate shippers. This applies to whatever courier service you decide to ship your comics with.
  • Containers can be pre-staged. Saving you time and effort in order to get mailings out as quickly as possible.
  • No need to keep a ridiculous amount of shipping supplies on hand to prepare a single package, saving you time and money.


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 1 in

50ct, 100ct

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Hybrid Comic Mailers

$69.95 $94.95
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