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Comic Supplies So Advanced, It Must Be Alien Technology

Ship your comics with the confidence they’ll arrive in pristine condition.

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Comic Mailers

The Overlords Understand

Shipping Comics Is The Worst!

We get it…
Shipping can suck the fun right out of comic books. There’s a risk of damage to a book anytime it goes out in the mail, regardless of the time consuming preparations you might make with your packaging. However, once you finally side with the overlords and use our incredible comic mailers, you’ll never have to wonder:

Why We're Unique

Out-of-This-World Benefits

Our comic supplies offer the affordable and time-saving options the competitors don’t.  When a book leaves your possession, be certain it has the strength and durability to make it safely to its destination.  It’s the quality you should expect from a conglomeration of advanced reptoid extraterrestrials and half-breed human hybrids.

Intelligently Designed

Our mailers are designed with precise structural components that securely safe-guard comic books from all eras and in multiple casing styles.

Saves Time & Space

Our products can be pre-assembled, which is great for saving space and time while allowing you to make last-minute changes to any shipment.

Easy to Ship

All of our products were designed to fit inside a variety of priority flat rate envelopes and boxes, to make shipping your comics as easy as possible.

Minimizes Cost

Our mailers don’t require all the extra packaging you may be used to. They also minimize the risk of damaging the comic when opening. No more cardboard sandwiches!

The Time Has Come

Join The Overlords

(and be eaten last!)

Because shipping comics should always be this easy

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